Who can claim?

You can claim Dependent Relative Tax Credit if you maintain at your own expense:

  • A relative, including a relative of your spouse, who is unable to maintain himself or herself as a result of old age or ill-health
  • A widowed father or mother of either yourself or your spouse, irrespective of the state of his/her health
  • A son or daughter who lives with you and on whose services you must depend as a result of old age or ill health.

How much can be claimed?

The value of this tax credit is €80 per week

Also, If your dependent relative incurs health expenses and you contribute to them, you may be entitled to claim tax relief for the amount you paid. You can claim relief on expenses like doctors’ bills, maintenance or treatment in hospital, prescribed drugs and medicines. If the person is living in an approved nursing home and you contribute to the nursing home fees, you may also be entitled to claim some of the expenses involved.

Am I entitled to a Tax Refund?

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